Casino Hotels in Belgium

Casino Hotels in Belgium: Discover 2 Top Picks for Your Next Premier Getaway

Casino Hotels in Belgium

Belgium, a country known for its rich history, culture, and impeccable taste in chocolate, also offers an enticing allure for those intrigued by the vibrant world of casino hotels. For travelers seeking the thrill of the game coupled with luxurious accommodations, Belgium presents exceptional destinations that promise to elevate your stay with a blend of leisure, entertainment, and sumptuous comfort.

Among these, La Réserve Resort and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel stand out as the pinnacle of casino hotels in Belgium, offering a perfect mix of gaming excitement and opulent hospitality. In this blog post, we will delve into what makes these two casino hotels in Belgium must-visit destinations for your holiday itinerary.

1. La Réserve Resort, Knokke-Heist

Overview: Nestled in the picturesque town of Knokke-Heist, La Réserve Resort is a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility. This elegant hotel boasts a stunning view of the serene lake, providing a perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway. Guests can indulge in the hotel’s world-class spa, which offers a wide range of treatments designed to rejuvenate the mind and body. The resort’s dining options are equally impressive, with several restaurants serving a variety of gourmet cuisines that cater to all palates. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a lavish meal, La Réserve Resort has something to offer.

Why people love it: Guests are drawn to La Réserve Resort for its unparalleled service, exquisite dining options, and the serene beauty of its location. The spa is a particular highlight, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. The hotel’s commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable experience makes it a favored choice for those looking to unwind in style.

Gaming Information

  • Gambling Age: 21
  • Required ID: Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Dress Code: Formal
  • Casino Location: Off-site, Casino Knokke, 1 minutes walking distance
  • Slot Machines: 100+
  • Table Games: 12, including Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat
  • Poker Tables: N/A
  • Additional Games: Slot machines, Video Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Electronic Roulette

2. Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels

Overview: The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels combines elegance with convenience, situated within walking distance to some of Brussels’ major attractions. The hotel boasts a stunning glass dome architecture and offers several dining options, including the renowned Sea Grill restaurant. Its rooms and suites are designed for comfort and style, providing a peaceful retreat in the city’s heart.

Why people love it: Guests are enchanted by the hotel’s architectural beauty, its central location, and the culinary excellence of its restaurants. The comfort and elegance of the accommodations, coupled with the hotel’s commitment to service, make the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel a popular choice for those visiting Brussels.

Gaming Information

  • Gambling Age: 21
  • Required ID: Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Dress Code: Smart casual
  • Casino Location: Off-site, Grand Casino Brussels Viage, 6 minutes walking distance
  • Slot Machines:404
  • Table Games:40
  • Poker Tables: 10
  • Additional Games: Blackjack, English Roulette, Punto Banco, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Blackjack 11’s, Roul8, American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em, Mixed Games, Omaha


In the realm of luxury and excitement, the casino hotels in Belgium offer a unique blend of indulgence, relaxation, and entertainment. Whether it’s the tranquil elegance of La Réserve Resort, the vibrant atmosphere or the architectural beauty of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, these destinations promise an unforgettable experience. With exquisite dining, advanced gaming facilities, and luxurious accommodations, these casino hotels in Belgium cater to those seeking an adventurous yet refined getaway.

Belgium’s casino hotels not only provide a thrilling gaming experience but also an opportunity to indulge in luxury and explore the rich cultural heritage of the country. From the serene landscapes of Knokke-Heist to the bustling streets of Brussels, each location offers a unique backdrop to a memorable stay. Whether you’re drawn to the gaming tables, the luxurious spas, or simply the allure of Belgian culture, these establishments ensure a comprehensive experience that combines the thrill of gaming with the pleasures of luxury hospitality.

In conclusion, when it comes to combining the excitement of gaming with the luxury of a high-end hotel, the casino hotels in Belgium are unparalleled. La Réserve Resort and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel represent the epitome of what Belgium has to offer in terms of entertainment, luxury, and gaming. These establishments not only offer a sanctuary for gamers but also provide a rich tapestry of experiences that extend far beyond the casino floors.

With their sophisticated amenities, impeccable service, and prime locations, these casino hotels in Belgium are the quintessential destinations for anyone looking to merge the thrill of gambling with the opulence of world-class accommodations.

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